KGC Cheong Kwan Jang Korea Red Ginseng Pure Extract " Earth' Grade 30 Pouch

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100% Korean Red Ginseng decoction made with the top 2%, premium Earth Grade roots, handpicked by the Korean Red Ginseng master. Packed with the characteristically deep, rich flavor and aroma.
Health Benefirs of Red Ginseng: KRG Pure Extracts are mixed with a perfect amount of pure water for the most uncompromised and traditional way of consumption. KRG Pure Extracts differ from KRG Extracts in that the extract root of KRG Extracts is extremely concentrated and jarred in a closeable jar for multi-use, whereas KRG Pure Extracts are served in individual, single-use packets and are pre-mixed with pure water.
90ml x 30 pouches


CheongKwanJang has been the largest health supplement company in South Korea today. We understand that we are in the business of improving our customers' body and mind, so we always give 120% to ensure our products are effective, safe, and easy to consume. It is our attitude of giving our all that CheongKwanJang products are the number one choice for South Koreans and many others from different countries. We want our customers to stay healthy and fit, both physically and mentally, so they have a strong foundation that can help them face any challenges and enjoy life to the fullest.