CASTLE ROCK Wall Mount Commercial Cigarette Outdoor Ashtray 01

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Don't want to see butts everywhere in your office,restaurant,porch,garden,balcony any more? --Try to use a wall mounted cigarettes disposal unit to gather the butts out of sight,easy to clean,waterproof and fireproof.
[Material]: High quality stainless steel with an upscale polished finish. Integrate design(no liner), solid rear bracket with pre-drilled mounting holes.
[Accessories]:2 screws,1 key.Use the accessories screws to install, or hang on the hooks.
[How to clean]: Use the key to open the bottom plate, the cigarette butts flow into the trash bin or garbage bags.
[Use for]: restaurants,hotels,commercial buildings,offices,garage,garden,apartment balcony,other smoking area etc.


This wall-mounted ashtray is an integrated design, it is made of high quality stainless steel with a thickness of 1mm. When used outdoors, it can be kept strong in the windy weather without falling parts. When you want to clean the cigarette waste disposal unit, you only need to use the key to open the bottom plate, you can easily clean up the cigarette butts to garbage bags or trash bin.

The smokers outpost is waterproof, windproof, rainproof, fireproof, the wall mounted design is more stable and safety for elders and children.

Applies to:
Commercial buildings
Office smoking area
Hotel / restaurant
Residential balcony / porch
Hospital smoking area

How to install:
Use the expansion screws in the accessory, fix the cigarette extinguisher on the wall to be installed, and then hang the cigarette receptacle on the screws. If you need to install the smokers pole on a glass or a smooth tile, use a strong hook.